Useful Information

Renting high-quality tuk tuks from locals to boost their income

Our rental service is a social enterprise that raises the income of Sri Lanka's lowest-paid local TukTuk drivers. From your arrival to your departure, we take care of everything so that all you have to worry about is having fun.


We have coverage for each and every party. It implies that our insurance covers you, your car, and both persons and other cars. But since we cover the expense, you are not required to pay for any insurance.


Ready Upon Your Arrival, Locally Approved Licenses

Driving a TukTuk in Sri Lanka requires a unique local license. To obtain this license, there are two options. As follows:

· We can obtain this license with two business days' notice if you hold an international driving permit (IDP) or your national country license.

· You can go to the Automobile Association of Ceylon and obtain a unique Sri Lankan driving license for yourself if you have an IDP or national country license.


Complete Driving Instruction

Before you go out on your own, a trained TukTuk driver will teach you how to drive for an hour and go over basic car maintenance. We verify that you are a flawless TukTuk driver. You are prepared to navigate the streets with ease.


Traveling on the Go Kit

We provide you a travel kit as part of our service.

It contains:

  • Reserve with fuel tank

  • Spare tyre

  • Basic tool set

  • Lockable storage box

  • USB charging port

  •  Phone holder


Also, you can book following extras as well…


  • Bluetooth speaker

  •  Surfboard roof racks

  • Baby seats

  • Cooler / Esky

  • Camping Tent